Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 4


Hello everyone! First off, sorry for getting these out the start of the next week of LCS matches. Not intentional just been a bit busy. I’ll try to get them out on Monday again. Now onto the games! Last week was quite an interesting week of LCS. Some upsets and a surprising return of a player to the LCS! So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Europe Week 4

First off, who would have thought that Alliance would just randomly beat Fnatic?! Also, that SUPA HOT CREW would beat Gambit 13-1. Those were some crazy games and proves that in the European scene anyone can beat anyone. In the end, There’s a 3 way tie for 1st, a 5 way tie for 4th and Millennium in 8th but Millennium could grab 4th in week 5. I really thought Alliance’s Tabzz was on his game not dying once in his games for the week.

North America Week 4

Dignitas finally got their winning streak cancelled by a slightly reformed Curse. SaintVicious came back to Curse in week 4 as the support and shot caller putting the former support Zekent as a sub. SaintVicious had a great AliStar game vs DIG going 2-1-15. Quite impressive. XDG was finally able to Baron well this time around and got a win off of DIG as well. CLG’s Dexter finally made it to play in the NA LCS so that means Link is back in the mid lane and they did fairly well against Evil Geniuses. Coast is sadly still not looking too good losing their matches.

Interesting Picks

Mid Lulu came out to play again in the EU LCS. It didn’t do too well as last week. I find Lulu mid is good if she can get ahead, otherwise it could be hard to be useful for damage output in teamfights. Urgot/Soraka came back in the EG lineup but TSM was able to beat that given that it was shown the week before and they probably came up with a strategy for it.

Predictions For Week 5

I think Fnatic, ROCCAT and Gambit will probably hold top three. At the end of week 5 I think the standings are going to be insanely close. Alliance see to have on/off weeks. Hopefully they figure out what they we’re doing in Week’s 2 and 4 for week 5. The potential I saw in SHC showed vs Gambit so hopefully they progress and learn more. The rest of the teams are pretty much on par. Millenium is a decent team but they just need to step up more and made less mistakes.

C9 and TSM will stay at the top no real doubt in my mind there. DIG dropped their games but are still looking good. EG is having a rough time, I can’t really pinpoint their problem, I think it’s their team engages. XDG need to keep up practicing the baron dance versus other objectives. CLG I feel I can gauge after this week since they only had one game last wek. Curse is looking good these days, we’ll see how Saint’s shot calling helps in the mid to late game. Coast might be able to pull of at least one win this week, I feel like they’ll be in a bad state at the end of this week if they don’t.

What are you looking forward to in Week 5? Let me know in the comments below!

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