Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 3


Hello everyone! Last week I made some predictions for Week 3 so let’s see how those panned out.

Europe Week 3

So from my predictions, I’d say I was half right. Fnatic, Gambit and ROCCAT are the top 3. I had a feeling that Fnatic would drop a map to Gambit becuase they usually go near even in wins against each other. SUPA HOT CREW did surprisingly good work this week winning both their matches. Alliance sadly couldn’t grab a win this week, maybe they can grab one for Week 4.

North America Week 3

TSM, C9 are the top teams as pretty much anyone could have guessed. CLG replaced HotShotGG with Chauster for mid lane which was a good idea till the visa issues with Dexter gets sorted out. HotShot was always getting banned out and Chauster has a larger champion pool to work with. They won 2 out of their 3 games which is a big plus for them. XDG I feel are still on the verge of throwing games at times with risky barons. I feel that XDG are predictable in this sense. It’s easy to force a team off Baron when you know they’re going to risk going for it.

Interesting Picks

In Europe, SHC used Support Morgana which was cool to see again. It was also very effective. Outside of that, nothing really stood out for me. In North America, TSM first picked LeBlanc vs C9. I was a bit surprised at this and so was C9 as they took their entire time to lock in a champion. It goes to show Bjergsen was insanely confident on it. He did have some near deaths against Hai’s Zed but he always got away. Doublelift brought back his Vayne mechanics (maybe got re inspired from EU LCS) and really did well on it.

Predictions For Week 4

I think it’s expected that Fnatic, ROCCAT and Gambit will stay top 3. I think Alliance needs to practice their mid to late game and team fights. Millenium is still hit-or-miss so I still can’t gauge them. CW is still looking okay even after losing their matches in the week. SK is doing well now picking up some wins. SHC could potentially grab 4th place if they keep up the good work.

I think it’s expected that C9, TSM will stay at the top. DIG has three games this week so I think they’ll drop one map but I’ll be impressed if they keep their winning streak up. EG I’m not sure about since they went even, they did lose to C9 so I guess it’s understandable. XDG are still making the mistake of going for risky barons. They really got to stop that because I feel that’s where they throw their games. They got lucky in their game with CLG in the week because CLG could have made that a bad situation for them. Speaking of CLG, I feel they can challenge the higher ranked teams with Chauster in the mid lane now. Curse wasn’t 100%. Voyboy was sick so I assume he was under performing so hopefully he feels better for this week. Coast really need some wins but it’ll be hard this week with DIG and C9 as their opponents.

What are your predictions for LCS Week 4? Will your favorite team(s) do well? Let me know in the comments below!

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