Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 2


Good day all! Week 2 of the LCS is over. Let’s see how this week panned out compared to my predictions for Europe and North America respectively last week.

Europe Week 2

So from my predictions, I was pretty much on point. Fnatic and ROCCAT really did well this week. Gambit I felt lost their only match because they wanted to try jungle Shen but did okay overall. Alliance finally stepping up their game and winning their matches; Tabzz and Wicked did some good work in their match vs Coppenhagen Wolves.

North America Week 2

First off, Dignitas has been looking really great lately. Especially with that LCS game DIG vs XDG. Crumbz came in with that baron smite vs XDG followed with a 4-0 kill for DIG. That was so good and pretty much secured that game. Team Solo Mid pretty much stomped their matches with Bjergson’s roaming and was pretty much expected. C9 showed their old dominant selves again and beat Curse. Evil Genius did a bit better this week pulling out unexpected picks vs XDG.

Interesting Picks

In Europe, ROC’s Overpow picked Mordekaiser and did some fun stuff. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Mordekaiser so I was surprised that was picked. LeBlanc picks in Europe did better this weekI didn’t talk about this for Week 1 but Edward’s Support Kennen from Gambit is strong and it really shined in Week 2 when he could 1v1 SK’s AD Carry CandyPanda. Millenium pulled out a Zilean support that did fairly well too. These picks are all showing how this season is showing some diversity in picks.

In North America, EG pulled off an Urgot and Soraka bot lane. And it won. Incoming Urgot players in solo lane. Coast’s Shiphtur chose Katarina into Bjergson’s Zed pick. It lead to a rough time in lane which allowed Zed to roam a lot and get ganks. Katarina was quite effective in team fights when Shiphtur was left alone. DIG’s Crumbzz pulled out a jungle Fiddlesticks which did work early game. CLG’s Aphromoo pulled out support Alistar in the same game with jungle Fiddles but it wasn’t that effective due to the lead DIG got.

Predictions For Week 3

ROC will probably bring out another interesting pick so I can’t wait for that. I think Fnatic, ROCCAT and Gambit will stay top 3. I think Alliance will start rising if they keep up whatever they’re doing. Millenium has been hit-or-miss right now, it’s hard to gauge where they are but they need to come up with something concrete to start rising up. CW is looking okay at the moment and SK is looking better overall but most of the other teams are doing better. SHC are still learning so I don’t expect a lot from them but you never know.

C9, TSM will probably stay at the top. Curse and DIG are teams that are doing fairly well, especially DIG. EG are ramping up a bit now, hopefully they’ll do better, XDG need to be careful with their choices mid to late game because that’s where their games fall out of their favor. I feel that Coast really need to get back into the LCS mentality. CLG really and I mean REALLY needs Dexter, their main jungler, and have Link back in mid lane. Even after Dexter gets back, it may take a few games to be a potential threat.

What are your predictions for LCS Week 3? Will your favorite NA or EU team do well? Let me know in the comments below!

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