Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 North America Spring LCS Week 1


Hey everyone! Over the weekend I took a look at North American LCS and it was quite good. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what happened last weekend.

My Predictions

So my predictions were that Cloud 9 and Team Solo Mid would place top 3 for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if C9 went 4 and 0. Curse I felt were looking good coming into LCS so I assumed they would place between 3rd and 5th. Dignitas, Ex Duris Gloria (XDG) Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming I felt would place around the middle. Team Coast and Evil Geniuses I felt would place in the lower rankings. Nothing against Coast but the other teams were looking quite good. Evil Geniuses I felt would rank lower was due to the same situation with Alliance in EU LCS.

What Actually Happened

So TSM and C9 did well as expected. I didn’t know CLG’s Dexter had visa problems but with HotShotGG to help out, the team got into a 4 way tie for 3rd place with Curse, Dignitas and Coast. XDG and Evil Geniuses are tied for 7th place.

The most surprising day was day 3. So much weird stuff happened like for example CLG beating Curse a few minutes after getting first blood which happened 20 minutes into the game. The most amazing upset that day was C9 losing to Dignitas.

I felt that Bjergson, Voyboy, Cop and Shiphtur were really on their game last week pulling off some impressive moves and kills.

Interesting Picks

Teemo. That is all. In the very first game of C9 vs TSM, C9’s Hai picked Teemo for mid lane and did insanely well. It was definitely a surprise pick vs TSM and it worked well. The shrooms of doom proved effective in this match as TSM couldn’t advance without taking the risk of popping a shroom or 2.

LeBlanc was picked up in NA LCS by a few teams and it had way more success than in Europe. Bjergson and Shiphtur are the two that come to mind as they blew up people. Shiphtur could pretty much take out a person in one round of spells. He did so versus a Mundo so you know he was doing insanely well.

XDG’s Benny and TSM’s Dyrus both picked up Warwick and had some relative success but they had some rough early games. Not sure if it will be used again or if they’ll both practice it more for future games.

Predictions For Week 2

I don’t think we’ll see Teemo again; at least for a little while anyways. I think Leblanc bans will be coming in for sure or counters will be learned like Galio. Warwick I’m not so sure if it’ll get picked up again but you never know.

C9 and TSM will  stay high in the ranking. Curse I feel can take 3rd or 4th. If Dexter is back, we can CLG in full form and finally have a grasp of how they’ll do. Dignitas might surprise me this week, they’ve been doing well. Coast needs to get back into the groove I think; they’re not a bad team in the slightest, it could be that the other teams have stepped up their game more. EG I feel needs more coordination in team fights to win games.

What are your predictions for NA LCS Week 2? Will your favorite NA team do well? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Good insights on the games. I expect teemo bans for the 2nd week of LCS especially against Hai. Teemo is pretty broken with the limited vision the league has

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