Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Europe Spring LCS Week 1


Hey everyone! Have you been watching LCS that started this week? I sure have. Well, more like listening for the first half since I was at work, watching the 2nd half at home and watching VODs for anything I missed. Thanks to the awesome casting, I could understand what was going on.

My Predictions

So my predictions were that Fnatic and Gambit Gaming would do really well. They are, in my opinion, the two strongest teams in Europe. SK Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves and Alliance wouldn’t do well but not too bad either. Millenium would be bottom half of standings with ROCCAT and Supa Hot Crew being near the bottom since they’re new teams. Especially Supa Hot Crew since they recently qualified for LCS and didn’t get a lot of practice in.

What Actually Happened

So Fnatic and Gamit did do well, Especially Fnatic going 4-0 and leading the pack in 1st place. YellOwStaR and Rekkles did amazing work bot lane. ROCCAT really surprising me and going 3-1 taking 2nd place in the standings. I think the most surprising performance, or lack of performance in this case, is Alliance. They went 0-4 and sit in last place. This is quite a problem because Froggen, the mid laner, was the one who decided to form a new team and hand picked the players. Froggen said in one of the team clips played before Alliance’s first match that it falls back on him if they don’t do well.

Interesting Picks

Leblanc was played quite a bit but didn’t bring out results for a convincing win. I believe Fnatic was the only one that used Leblanc and won. However that match they won with Leblanc could have gone either way with Millenium having a clear advantage early on.

Trundle was an interesting pick vs Mundo in the very first match between Fnatic and Gambit Gaming. It seemed to work well for Fnatic’s sOAZ in the top lane and Fnatic did win the game quite convincingly with sOAZ going 3/0/13. I might have to try top lane Trundle out sometime soon.

SK Gaming’s nRated used support Galio in his match vs Supa Hot Crew. Early on it was a bit hard for him but it seemed to prove very effective in helping team fights and winning the game going 1/3/13.

Gambit’s Darren used Warwick in 2 of his games and won them both going 4/1/10 vs Copenhagen Wolves and 3/0/9 vs Millenium. I believe he even drew a Warwick ban in one of his other games. I’ve been meaning to try out Warwick for a while now with various players playing it nowadays. It seems like Warwick is making a comeback!

Predictions For Week 2

I think Leblanc is still going to get played once or twice next week. Maybe the team comps will be better to compensate with LeBlanc’s early burst damage and to snowball ahead. I’d like to see the Galio pick again. I’d like to see how it’d do well if he got a good start.

I feel Fnatic, ROCCAT and Gambit Gaming will stay on top if they stay on their game, maybe Copenhagen Wolves might sneak in to take 3rd or 4th. Millenium I’m not sure of but they could go up a rank or 2. SK Gaming I feel will stay around the middle where they are now at the moment but I can see that they’re getting back into it. Alliance needs to mesh more to understand each other better in order to rank up. Supa Hot Crew just need to practice more to do well, they have a lot of potential.

What are your predictions for EU LCS Week 2? Will your favorite EU team do well? Let me know in the comments below!

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