Guild Wars 2 – Something Exciting Is Coming, But What Is It?!


So it’s 2014 and that means a whole bunch of MMO games and expansions are coming out. We know of WildStar, Elder Scrolls Online are confirmed for this year as well as World of Warcraft’s Warlords or Draenor expansion. So what awesome content does ArenaNet have planned? Answer: we don’t know yet! Outside of the last part of Living Story concerning Scarlet (that’s suppose to be epic), we don’t know what ArenaNet has in store for story content this year. The thing is though, a bunch of hype is building from people who know some of the content that’s coming.

Tweet For Your Thoughts

Let’s take this tweet into account by Lewis B from Note his response to “I will interpret both of your statements as “Expansion incoming”” by saying “Oh not at all. Better than that!“. This has been driving me a bit nuts since I started to write an editorial for GameBreakerTV surrounding the idea of an expansion next year (I started this before the holidays) but I had to put it on hold. Now with this info, I have to go into tin foil hat mode and rethink my stance. This is where I’m stuck.

It’s ArenaNet. GW2 has been a unique MMO breaking out of the traditional sense of things. I mean, Living Story for one was quite a different way to experience an MMO. Right now, I can’t really grasp what could be coming that’s better than a traditional expansion. There’s all the things that were promised last year that are coming like an easier way to get a precusor besides relying on RNG; but things like that don’t need to be a hush-hush thing nor does it build hype. I’m thinking along the lines of what would get the majority of GW2 players saying “OMG this… this is… *tears of joy*”. Ok, maybe it’s not that amazing but you understand what I mean. I’ll have to put quite a bit of thought into it over the weekend. If I happen to get that article out next week, I’ll be sure to tweet it out for you guys.

I’m curious, what you guys think? What do you think ArenaNet could bring out this year that’s not a traditional expansion, but would knock our socks off? Let me know in the comments below!

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