Is ArenaNet Milking Scarlet?

Guild Wars 2 - The Nightmare Within (1920x1080)

Scarlet is an amazing character that brings chaos to Tyria, but is she being overused in living story?

Hey all, it’s been a while but I have returned! This Guild Wars 2 post will be a bit short but I wanted to do this one. This post is about a small worry I have about Scarlet in GW2’s living story. If you read the title or even the caption above you know what I’ll be talking about. So I’m just gonna get right into it: Is Scarlet being overused in Living Story?

Now, I love Scarlet as a character. I like the Harley Quinn like chaotic attitude she has and it definitely made the Clockwork Chaos patch quite a fun. When she worked with the Nightmare Court in the Twilight Assault patch, that was an interesting turn of events too! Now it seems that all those efforts in Twilight Assault are coming to life in The Nightmare Within patch.

My problem lies in the consistency of Scarlet in these patches. I feel like she’s around every month since Clockwork Chaos (I know it’s not actually the case but hopefully you kind of understand). Scarlet is the main “bad guy” for the recent living story patches, excluding Tequatl. I don’t really count Mad King or Edrick because that was Halloween stuff. My personal opinion is that a character like Scarlet should have an “X factor” appearance. Scarlet’s personality gives me an impression of that some living story will pass by, some other evil or disasters occur and then all of a sudden BAM Scarlet randomly is in the next patch and it’ll be about something big. I really don’t like that Scarlet is always guessed and guessed correctly by the community that she’s involved in a future patch that’s previewed. I will say however this chunk of living story about the Tower of Nightmares will be some of the best living story in the game so far. It also links well to all the previous patches that Scarlet has been involved in.

This all being said, I have no idea how ArenaNet are planning to use Scarlet since they pretty much plan 3 -4 of their living story content in advance. Hopefully after Tower of Nightmares content is done, they’ll give Scarlet a bit of a break and bring her out at random down the road. Also I hope they surprise us with her being in that said future patch with more like “Oh snap! Scarlet’s in this patch!” instead of me thinking “Oh yea, Scarlet’s definitely in this patch”.

Ok, so, that’s my two cents on this topic. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Personally, I don’t really like Scarlet and I’m getting fed up of every patch being something ‘bad’. I mean, can’t there be one celebration that’s not ruined by something/someone?
    She just kind of appeared and seems to be here to stay- I’d much rather have patches dealing with dragons and old lore for a couple of weeks and then back to Scarlet. It does kind of feel that with the tower of nightmares she may be disappearing for a while to figure out another way to wreck the place- as the patch didn’t really advance the story. Don’t know though!

    • I personally would like some lore concerning Scarlet’s upbringing. She’s not Nightmare Court but not really social with the Grove Sylvari per say. Also, I’ve never really thought about all the celebrations being ruined each patch before now, interesting observation.

      I too want some tougher dragons to kill. I think the other World Dragon bosses will be reworked in the coming months. I expect them to be a lot harder than Tequatl. For Elder Dragons, I expect that to be for expansions.

      For the Toxic Alliance patches, you can expect quite a few of them. According to one of the Content Designers, the next few months will be reshaping Kessex Hills ( Hopefully this, in addition to the patches to come, makes the story worth the wait.

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